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G&M Insurance Services

G&M Insurance Services

We are a leading broker in the US and we strive for excellence. Our clients benefit from transparency and communication, which is key to the sophisticated insurance and reinsurance services that we provide. Through our extensive knowledge and expertise, we can offer our clients a full range of insurance services from appraisals to risk reinsurance, giving you the advantage of the best deal.

Our principal specialties range from International Property Insurance to Cyber Insurance. As well as our seamless services our integrity is vital as we believe in honesty when working with our clients, customers, and partners across our different services. We also believe it is highly important to work closely with our clients to ensure that our products can meet every type of challenge and risk. Our aim here is to deliver a greater level of service and commitment throughout the platform as a whole.

We are part of the General & Medical Group, established in the 1980’s, and as a Lloyd’s broker, our sister company, G&M International, has access to the Lloyd’s syndicate, which allows us to utilize our broad range of products and services. This exclusive connection allows our process to be efficient and agile, ensuring ease of access through the direct communication chain, which we pride ourselves on. As we offer logical innovation and flexibility from Lloyd’s underwriters this means we have a wide variety of services and advanced solutions to benefit you.

We are continually refining and expanding our services to meet the new needs in the ever-changing global market. Building on our solid foundations we are continuing to grow at a steady pace, which allows our clients to feel secure and know that we are here when they need us.

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