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Regulation and Compliance

Regulation and Compliance

Driving Forward With Integrity

We believe in embracing regulation designed to protect the customer and going beyond what is required. Staff training is essential in ensuring these high standards are met so all staff undergoes regular training and assessments utilizing both in-house and external training resources.

Managing Risks

We believe that an open approach to Compliance risks is a central element of risk management.

Training and Competence systems are focussed on ensuring that customer contact staff have the necessary training and tools to operate in a demanding arena.

All staff is encouraged to highlight any perceived risks and, on a continually rolling basis, we regularly audit our insurance activities in terms of our:

  • Administration procedures
  • Our dealings with customers
  • Sales Activities
  • How we deal with complaints
  • Claims Administration
  • Marketing and point of sale initiatives
  • Internet Presence
  • Product Suitability

We are continuing to refine and improve our approach to Compliance risks to ensure efficient identification, analysis, assessment, and control.

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