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Cannabis Insurance

Cannabis Insurance

Here at G&M, we like to do things a little differently…

We began work on G&M Cannabis Insurance Services because we noticed a problem in the Cannabis Industry. The sheer speed of evolution and growth left insurers struggling to keep up.

While many agents scrambled to sell cheap policies to capitalise on the booming industry, they left many Cannabis clients with “square peg round hole” coverage, that was never really designed to address the complexities of the Cannabis Industry.

We saw that something needed to change.

Along the way, we collaborated closely with big names in Cannabis around the world, and the best insurers internationally, as well as global risk management consultants, to develop solutions that are specifically geared towards the Cannabis Industry.

Whether you are growing industrial hemp, testing, working with THC or CBD, extracting, transporting, farming recreational or medical Marijuana, packaging, prescribing, selling infused products, or anything else in this industry. Talk to us.

We want you to feel comfortable that you are speaking to people who not only understand the industry inside out but will connect you with the right insurance policy and risk management advice to properly protect your business.

Insurance is something we all must have, but when you need to use it, you want to be confident that your policy will respond, and not put you in a situation where an agent sold you the cheapest policy they could for a quick buck, and you are left high and dry.

Cannabis is serious business, and we take our responsibility to protect you seriously.

cannabis insurance

General & Medical Cannabis Insurance Services, is part of the General & Medical Group of companies and is a division of G&M Insurance Services. The General & Medical Group has over 30 years of insurance experience, and with offices in the UK, USA and Guernsey we are uniquely positioned to assist wherever in the world you may be.

We have a passionate team of experts that love to help. Knowing that we are not only making our clients lives easier but adding value to their business fills us with a great sense of pride in what we do.

Our business is constantly evolving to meet new challenges, and we aim to build long term relationships with our clients while delivering a first-class service. We are always willing to listen and when it comes to protecting your business, we are the people to make it happen.

Cannabis is a challenging industry to navigate. Each country (and state) has its own legal and regulatory framework, which is why we have partnered with risk management experts to provide a service beyond just selling insurance policies.

Every business is unique and yours is no different. Wherever in the world you are from, you will be assigned a dedicated account handler who will take the time to get to know you and your business.

When it comes to risk we have seen it all, and once we have a clear understanding of your business and risk appetite, we will be able to not only recommend the most appropriate products and will offer risk management and mitigation advice, from your physical infrastructure to your operations.

We make it our mission to see that every client is in a much better position than they were before, and it is this holistic approach that sets us apart from others.

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