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Open Market Risks

G&M International can assist with open market (individual) inquiries. Our diverse team of brokers has access to the whole Lloyd's and London market so we always strive to get the best possible terms for our clients.

Due to minimum premium thresholds, most underwriters will not accept risks below USD 10,000 total premium, however where volumes are smaller accounts are concerned, we can look at setting up a binder or facility.

Binders, Schemes & Facilities

One of the more efficient ways of processing large volumes of business is through a facility or binder. There are various different types which are easier/challenging to create depending on the clients' needs.

Lineslips & Facilities

When there is a good volume of "similar" business, it often makes sense to have an agreement with underwriters to create a risk "template" under which each inquiry can sit. For example, if we receive many property inquiries but especially for nightclubs, we could set up a Nightclub Property Insurance facility. Underwriters would still appraise each risk individually, but the process becomes much quicker and smoother so we would have a pre-agreed wording with the client, we would know in advance.

Lloyd's Coverholder Application

As part of a strategic agreement with a client, G&M International is happy to take a client through Lloyd's coverholder application to become a Lloyd's coverholder in their own right. Please contact us to learn more about this process.

Coverholder at Lloyd's

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