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Cultures & Values

Culture & Values

Supported by our expertise and financial strength, General & Medical put long-term profitability before short-term growth. We have clearly defined financial and non-financial objectives for the General & Medical Group of companies as a whole and for each of the companies within the Group.

We aim to be one of the UK’s leading providers of healthcare, creating lasting value through the provision of quality products and services. Above all, we strive to meet our clients' needs and give them peace of mind. We will achieve these things through our employees whose dedication and expertise we recognize and value.

We have continued to work towards achieving our objective to raise General & Medical’s profile and increase our market share. We have successfully:

  • Increased direct sales activity by building a strong team of direct salespeople.

  • Increased sales of introduced business by growing our broker support team and building new relationships with intermediaries.

  • Developed and implemented a new cutting edge, browser-based administration system which has:
      -   Secured our capacity to continue delivering first class customer service to our growing client base.
      -   Further improved our ability to flex our products and services to the needs of our clients and business partners.

  • Continued to differentiate ourselves, as specialists in our field, by developing and launching new, innovative products that stand out from the competition.

  • Made a difference to the communities we operate in by increasing our fund-raising for good causes and our sponsorship of local sports clubs and youth groups. (Photos show football teams taking part in different charity football matches whilst wearing kit sponsored by General & Medical).

  • Building on solid foundations, we will continue to grow steadily. Our clients will feel secure, knowing that we will be here when they need us.

Staff training – investing in our people

We are an equal opportunities employer. We employ people based on their ability to do the work they are employed by us to do. We do not discriminate, we employ people from many different backgrounds, of any gender or race and irrespective of whether they have any disability.

We recognize the importance of a full training programme to ensure that all staff is efficient and competent in their roles. Our staff undertakes medical training, with regular assessments in terminology, anatomy, physiology and medical billing. Members of our Medical Advisory Panel also assist in staff training by providing in-house workshops and/or lectures. We encourage each member of staff to take responsibility for their own personal development with written plans that are discussed and updated at regular 1-2-1 review meetings. An open atmosphere, a spirit of informal dialogue, an impeccable organization in the background - all combine to form our distinctive corporate culture.

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